About Honig II

Honig von Sommerfeldt

About the Empress


Her Majesty, Empress Honig, has dedicated her SCA time to service and to the art of
illumination. She currently lives in the Barony of Carillion, though her heart has
belonged to several groups, including the province of Malegentia.

Her Majesty’s pronouns are she/her.
Her Majesty is interested in illumination and silk painting
Her Majesty likes pomegranates, cats, and flowers, and dislikes puns and other bad

Please feed Her Majesty:
Plain seltzer, cheese, and dark chocolate, as She is trying to be healthy and
appreciates your support. She also loves Indian food and pickles/pickled things.

Please do not feed Her Majesty:
Peppers, breads, lima beans, or alcohol except in specific circumstances